Different types of maps

There are three different types of maps. Each map comes with a different set of mechanics and therefore with an adapted UI and different gameplay. Here’s a comprehensive view on the three types:

worldexploration, travelling, survivalsingle agent200 x 200
settlementinteracting with NPCs, explorationsingle agent32 x 32
battlefieldcombatmultiple agents21 x 21

File structure

For each map type a subfolder exists in the map directory:

  • map/battlefield
  • map/settlement
  • map/world

Inside these folders each map has its own subfolder named after the maps title. And inside this folder Directory map/”map_type”/”map_title”/ one can find the following files:

doors_default.jsonnoCreated automatically as a template for door.json
doors.jsonyesMakes doors_default.json obsolete, stores door information
nonPlayerAgents.jsonyesStores information about NPCs, for each NPC a subfolder is created
quickTravel.jsonyesStores information of the Quicktravel locations
tileEvents.jsonyesStores information for special events
tileMapData.jsonnoStores additional data for the map, e.g. exit points

Inside the map directory there are the following subfolders:

  • cutscene: Here are the cutscenes stored (see cutscene blog entry)
  • one for each NPC (see NPC blog entry)