Possible conditions for all agents

  When does effect occur Effect
dead   Depends on disease
encumbered https://twilightends.com/encumbrance/  
experienced The agent has enough experience to advance a level Can level up Dotted, yellow border around agent name in party window
fatigued Stamina < 20%, no sleep for 2 days -20% penalty to every action, – 2 AP
party_encumbered https://twilightends.com/encumbrance/
poisoned – Poison has to build, only when a certain threshold is reached it has consequences – Poison causes attribute drains or continual health loss, which is bad enough – Not: a poisoned character “dies” instantly – You have to drag him back to a temple for healing – Counter Measure: Resistance, Herbs, Do not move, Spell “slow poison” – Countner is reduced by one every hour –       If poison counter < 50: Effect is none when agent is sitting still, movements makes the poison wander around the body and cause damage to health
unconscious Stamina < 10% Health <= 0 && Health > -10 If a character’s hit points go to 0, he doesn’t die immediately. Instead, he gets knocked unconscious. If at that point he takes any more damage, he dies, but melee opponents don’t target unconscious characters. Thus, the only real danger is 1) if all the members of your party are knocked unconscious; or 2) if your foes have a “party effect” attack like fire breath or acid spray, which will turn unconscious characters into dead characters. If the character’s hit points reach 0, he falls unconscious. Less than 0, he becomes seriously wounded. Unconscious characters regenerate hit points as time passes and wake up, but seriously wounded characters get worse as time passes, progressing to critically wounded, mortally wounded, comatose, and finally dead. The “medic” skill can reverse the process, but I only gave my characters level 1 in the skill, and apparently you need a higher level to turn someone from “critical” (which Jackie was) to just “unconscious.” Looks like I need to invest more in medical skills. The agent can’t act anymore. She loses one point per round until she reaches -5, at which point he dies. She can die immediately if the damage is serious or an assasination attempt.

Not implemented yet

  When does effect occur Effect Visual
Action Points   Add or remove x AP  
Armor Set mismatch Armor is mismatched, which indicates that the wearer is scoundrel  suffers different penalties in NPC interactions  
Attribute Modifier < Agility, Charisma, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality > Debuffs    
Bleeding <Normal, Serious> Bleeding is substracted from lifepoints each time it is that character’s turn. Normal bleeding is 1 point per point, serious bleeding is 2 lifepoints per point. Stopping the bleeding requires taking a round to bandage the fallen comrade Stop bleeding needs the first aid skill    
Crippled If you get hit in your arm, your accuracy goes down. Hit in the leg, you slow down. Hit in the head, vision gets blurred. Hit in chest/torso slower to recover. Broken amrs or legs, needs first aid skill to be cured    
Critical Health < 75% Can’t do anything else than walk  
Disabled paralyzed    
Diseased   Depends on disease  
Drunk   -30% penalty to every action  
Exhausted Stamina < 20%, no sleep for 2 days -20% penalty to every action, – 2 AP  
Fear <level> Action Points are reduced. You fight enemies, but they’re ghosts and slimes and such, and instead of damaging your hit points, their attacks raise your fear score. APs are reduced by 2 for each fear level  
Freeze Freeze in terror when against a mythical monster, but only in melee.     
In love      
Injured Crippled    
Invincible vs. Physical attacks Nifts protect you against three physical attacks, and the simplest method of winning combat is to always have these in your system. They don’t “stack,” unfortunately, so if a single character gets hit more than three times in one round, you inevitably take damage. When my health is low, eating a Nift vies only for casting a “Shield” spell (depending on the enemy I’m facing) for priority.    
Knocked down   Must stand up, takes 1 AP  
Level Drain      
Morale <Very Bad, Bad, Normal Good, Very Good>  The longer the combat takes, the more your characters’ “morale” score dips, making them less effective at all of their skills.  A 10% penaltiy to every action  
Movement   Add x tiles to agents movement  
Paralyzed   Can’t act anymore until cured  
Radiation Whether through storms, walking through radiated areas, or fighting radiated monsters, it’s fun to see the various negative (stupidity, blindness, instant death at the next irradiation, attribute drains) and positive (laser eyes, attribute increases, double speed, radiation immunity) effects that radiation confers in the game. In addition to hit points, you have “radiation points” that you want to keep above 0, else you suffer disease and mutation–although some mutations, apparently, can be helpful.    
Silence Silence is great versus enemy mages and clerics (especially clerics, since they are effective with Hold Person). One trick I learned is to hit one of my own warriors with Silence and have them go stand next to the spell-casters (since the spell has a 15′ radius). Works great most of the time. Can’t cast any spells and talk  
Sleeping Effect of a spell, or deliberate state Doesn’t act until she awaks  
Stoned Effect of a spell Can’t act anymore and needs special curing  
Stumbling Happens from a particularly tough blow, or if the agent gets pushed Looses 1 AP, thus reducing intitiative  
Stunned Happens from a particularly tough blow Looses 2 APs, thus reducing intitiative  
Tired Stamina < 40%, no sleep for 1 day A malus of 10% to every action, -1 AP  
Unfitting Armor <Cloth, Leather, Chain, Scale, Plate > If the agent wears armor which wasn’t tailored for him.  The Debuff is different for each Armor Type. It raises stamina costs for each action  
Weak Health < 75% Spriting is not possible, all actions have an added stamina cost of 20%  

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