Keyboard commands

Here is an overview of whcih keyboard commands exist and what effect they have based on the map they are executed on. Bold ones are the same on every map.

(1-0)Show player statsShow player statsShow player stats
(a) ttacknoneInitiate combatAttack
(c) ast a spellCast a spellCast a spellCast a spell
(e)nterEnter a locationEnter location, climb stairs, etc.none
(g)etnonePick an item upPick an item up
(i) nventoryDisplay inventoryDisplay inventoryDisplay inventory
(l)ook atnoneLook at somethingnone
nonenoneQuit combat
(r)estRest and set up campnonenone
(t)alknoneTalk with NPCnone
(u)senoneInteract with object on mapnone
E(x)it to WorldmapnoneLeave settlementLeave battlefield
(w)aitEnds player turnEnds player turnEnds player turn


Shift + (1-0)Set active playerSet active playernone

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