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It was back in 2013 when I read an article in a german online news site about Chester Bolingbroke. A guy who wants to play every computer role playing game. Every. “This task is impossible and a person trying to go through it must be insane” were my first thoughts. I thought it is impossible because there are so many crpgs out there and each one takes a lot of time to play. Even when I was in my teens and had a lot of free time, which I glady put into playing crpgs, I haven’t finished most of the ones I started, because at some point they mostly got tedious and too time consuming. And I played only the best rated ones. Today, with a full time job, I hardly have the time to play at all. I probably go through two or three crpgs per year and have the feeling that I spend too much time on crpgs. I couldn’t imagine somebody working full time would suffer through all of them. So I expected that the articles were either based on minimal playing experience or the guy writing them was a bum with nothing better to do which would certainly show up in the articles in the form of a generally low quality.

So i started reading his blog and realized very quickly that I couldn’t be more wrong. The quality of each and every article is simply superb and he really plays most of the games until the end. Even the ones which are more than tedious. Since five years I follow his blog and read everything. Every article, every comment. Yes, comments also, because his blog attracts a lot of crpg players from around the world. They share their experience with the game, a bit of personal history and some insights in the grander things of crpgs. They add even more value to the already very valuable articles. I still can’t imagine that someone has the energy to follow this project for years, but apparently he has. And I am very happy about it.

If you don’t know him you can find the “Crpg Addict blog” here..

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