Battlefield map

Battlefields are maps for combat only. If it is a random encounter on the worldmap a battlefield is chosen according to the tile on which the encounter took place, e.g. if the encoutner took place in hills the battlefield features hills. For sepcial encounters it is possible to create a battlefield specific to this encounter.

Player: All party members and allies NPC: Fixed / randomly generated PC spawns: Area NPC spawns: Fixed / Area


  • Attack

Features ToDo

  • Defend
  • Hide
  • Open chests
  • Shoot
  • Wait
  • Spawn player @ fixed area
  • Spawn Loot
  • Spawn random enemies

Additions in future versions

Random battlefield

While travelling aorund the worldmap the player may encounter hostile NPCs and a combat will start. To give a bit of variety these combat maps will be created randomly.

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