The outcome of an attack depends on the following things:

  1. Determine if ranged or melee attack (range > 5 tiles means ranged and therefor dodge is the defense skill otherwise evade)
  2. Calculate base hit chance
  3. Roll (random factor) for Attack quality and calculate bonus
  4. Calculate defense bonus
  5. Roll a d100 and if result <= hit chance attacker hits
  6. Calculate damage (weapon damage – armor defense)

Base hit chance

Decisive for the hit chance is the difference from the attackers weapon skill to the defenders evade or dodge skill. The attacker gets a bonus to her base chance of 66% up to a maximum chance of 99%.

66%Base hit chance
4% Per skill level difference from 1 to 6
3%Per skill level difference from 7 to 12
2%Per skill level difference from 13 to 18
1%Per skill level difference from 19 to 30
-2%Per skill level difference below 0
99%Maximum hit chance

Attack bonus

The attack quality is the random element an can have positive or negative effects on the attack value.

ChanceDisplayed textResult
1%Very unlucky attack+60 Attack
1 %Very lucky attack-60 Attack, Drop weapon
3%Lucky attack+40 Attack
3%Clumsy attack-40 Attack
5%Powerful attack+20% Strength
10%Successful faint+20 Attack
10%Unsuccessful faint-20 Attack
67%Normal attack

Defense bonus

Flanked by enemy-15 defense per agent
Flanked by allies+5 defense per agent

The attack value is calculated by applying the quality of the attack to the skill value of the weapon which is used for the attack.

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