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Defender reaction to attack

1. Dodge

Agility (+)
Armor (-)
(-) The ability to evade is reduced when surrounded by enemies

Flanking: If the defender is surrounded by more than one attacker in the cardinal directions, her evade is reduced by 30% for each additional attacker. Maximum evade penalty is 90%.


  • Attacker has to reduce free tiles around defender


  • If teh defender attacks the attacker may stumble, because she but a lor of force behind the attack.

2. Shield block

Needs shield
Costs some stamina, low stamina = malus
Can only parry attacks from front


  • Attack from behind


  • Defender shield break check
  • Attacker weapon shatter check
  • Defender shattered arm check
  • Defender stunned check

3. Parry

Dexterity (+)
Weapon gives parry bonus
Can only parry attacks from front
Costs stamina
Player can decide if he wants to parry


  • Attack from behind


  • Weapon break check

4. Armor block

Strength (+)Armor takes damage
Weapon armor penetration (+)
Type of attack (slash/strike/pierce) (+/-)


  • Destroy armor


  • Defender poise check (weapon weight (+))

5. Succesfull hit

Strength (+)Armor reduces damage


  • Attacker scores critical check
  • Defender take damage


How to avoid deadlocks (aka enemy is too strong to be damaged)?



There will be different means of transportation. Some of them are more or less a commodity for the player where others are critcial to advancing in the world. The different transportation options allow access to areas not reachable otherwise and are an essential item for exploring the game world.

Travelling by foot

Travelling by foot is possible but rather slow. Water can’t be crossed on foot. Some types of terrain take more time. Some types take a greater toll of your stamina. Roads and bridges provide the easiest travel. More time is needed to pick your way through forests and across glaciers -the treacherous marshes take the most time of all. The drain on your energy ranges from roads up through plains, forests, deserts and glaciers to those treacherous marshes again. Mountains and rivers simply cannot be crossed without other means of transporation. The going is slower after dark, and when your party members are tired. It is impossible when they are exhausted. Transports is also needed to increase carring capacity. They can be stolen though, or if it is an animal die from thirst. Last but not least it is easiert to discover a party if they use a caravan. But it also may be easier to flee an encounter if the party is mounted and the other side on foot.


  • Faster Movement
  • Movement depending on wind/currents
  • Access to other areas
    • Can cross water
    • Can fly over mountains
    • Can cross swamp/lava without taking harm
  • Provides storage capacity
    • For persons
    • For items
  • Has means of self defense
    • Harpoons on a ship
    • Fire breathing animals
  • Instant Movement to other places


  1. Balloon
    • Can cross everything except high mountains
    • Can and will fly in the direction of the winds
  2. Caravan
    • Provide a lot of storage capacity
    • Can only travel on roads
  3. Flying Carpet
  4. Galley
    • Some of the towns on the water have ships for hire, which will transport you to other port cities, saving you the walking time.
    • Only operate seaside and rivers
    • Can’t be operated by the party alone.
  5. Mount: Birdlike
    • Can fly
  6. Mount: Frog
    • Can travel swamps safely
  7. Mount: Horse
    • faster movement
  8. Sailboat
    • Only useable on sahllow & medium deep water in the open sea
    • Either needs a sailing crew or some people in the party with sailing experience
  9. Skiff
    • Portable to some degree
    • Can navigate only shallow water
  10. Submarine
    • Can travel underwater


  • Cost
  • Agent capacity
  • Storage capacity
  • Movement speed
  • Movement type
  • Owner
  • Position (?)
  • Upkeep



Enter while using transport

For every type of transport a parking position exists, player spawns next to this location

USE transport in settlement

If the player is the owner of the transport and uses it she immediatly leaves the settlement using this transport. If not, a pop up dialogue appears which asks if the player wants to steal it.

Buy transport

Transport spawns at the parking position. If the parking position is occupied the player can’t buy this transport.

Sell transport

Transport which the player wants to sell must be in parking position in the settlement. When sold, it disappears.

Leaving settlement without using transport

Message appears which says that transport will be seized by the authorities


Attacked while in tranpsort

Simply enter combat with the party unmounted. Depending on the transport, the combat map depends on the transport (e.g. balloon, galley).

Unmounting transportation

  • Abandoning transportation
  • Ships can only be unboarded when next to land

Open questions


Should a list of bought transports be saved?


USE on Worldmap
  • Exit transport -> what happens then? Should it be possible?
  • How to mount transport?
  • How to Access storage?

Additions in future versions

  • Some types of terrain take more time
  • Some types take a greater toll of your stamina
  • The going is slower after dark, and when your party members are tired
  • It is impossible when they are exhausted
  • They can be stolen though
  • Animals must be feeded
  • Last but not least it is easier to discover a party if they use a caravan.
  • But it also may be easier to flee an encounter if the party is mounted and the other side on foot.
  • Different factions are not allowing every kind of transport (e.g. frogs are not used by imperials)
  • The embargo when leaving tranpsortation behind could change to be time dependend
  • When flying on the worldmap party can only be attacked by flying enemies or those with ranged weapons
  • When exiting transport on worldmap the transport doesn’t get deleted -> but what else?

Declined Features


There are some teleporters in every imperial settlement: ##LINK## Portal of Defenders of Civilisation (Podoc) Besides that there should not be a way to teleport on the worldmap. For convenience reasons there exists a ##Link Quicktravel option.

“It’s also kind of lame that the Orb works in the middle of combat, enabling instant escape–directly to Lord British’s throne room for healing, if you want–when things get tough. I certainly don’t mind cutting down on travel time, but I think the Avatar should have to visit the stone circles associated with each destination before the Orb will take him there.”

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